Bio Needle Adjustable Derma Stamp Hair Regrowth 120 Needles

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بائع: Derma
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Bio Needle Adjustable Derma Stamp Hair Regrowth 120 Needles

Bio needle 120 punctures the skin and creates thousands of microchangnels in a short time. Used in conjunction with skin care products and hair growth essence products, the essence and active ingredients are delivered to the deep layers of the skin to improve absorption, whiten skin, awaken hair follicles , and promote hair growth.


Product Name: Bio Needle 120

Handle material: ABS

Needle material: stainless steel

Adjustment range: 0-2.0

Needle number: 120 pin

Funtion: Hair growth, skin care, microneedle therapy


1. Adjustable needle length for easy use, can be applied to different skin areas.

2. Sharp needle tip, needles evenly distributed. Quickly open the skin's absorption channels, allows active ingredients to penetrate the skin effectively.

3. Blister packaging. Keep needles safe during transport.

4. Protective cap. Prevent bacterial invasion, safe and hygienic.