Karseell Collagen Conditioning Argan Oil Hair Mask - 500ml (Original)

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بائع: Karseell
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Karseell Collagen Conditioning Argan Oil Hair Mask - 500ml (Original)

Formulated In Italy


Karseell Argan Oil Collagen Hair Mask Treatment for dry and damaged hair 500ml

Karseell Collagen hair mask

Karseell Argan Oil

Karseell Shampoo and Conditioner Set Sachet for Dry and Damaged Hair

Repair power maca essence

Karseell collagen hair mask contains rare maca essence which are integraled with Karseell active collagen evaporating and penetrating lechnology. It can deliver magic activating energy to damaged hair from tools to ends, repair hair fibers and fill in the hair cavities, leaving hair hydrated, orderly, smooth and luster.

Restore dry and damaged hair

The power of a ​Moroccan Argan Oil hair mask​ has been known for generations to naturally improve the vibrancy and health of your locks. Pure Nature ​treatment hair mask​ penetrates deep from root to tip help restore damage from chemicals, sun exposure and pollution. Karseell argan oil ​moisturizing hair mask​ also helps protect against split ends.

For all hair types

Deep repair natural collagen hair mask is ideal for all hair types. Karseell ​argan oil hair mask​ works to reduce frizz and flyaways with straight hair and naturally enhances curls and bounce of voluminous locks. Get the look you want, with this rich ​Morrocan Argan oil treatment​ from Pure Nature.