Lchear Big Eyes Dense & Length Double Effect Mascara - 12g

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بائع: Lchear
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Lchear Big Eyes Dense & Length Double Effect Mascara - 12g

The Define and Lengthen Lash Mascara was created especially to define and lengthen eyelashes, with its exclusive applicator it will provide a surprising and natural finish.

Double effect brush
Volume and lifting
Leaves lashes full and black
One side of this mascara brush is smooth and has fine teeth with lifting properties
The other side of the brush has a diagonal shape that gives shape and volume to the lashes

High durability
Does not fall or fade
Suitable for women with all types of eyelash shapes

How to use: 
♥ Gently apply the product from the roots of the lashes to the tips, starting from the outer corner to the inner corner of the eyes
♥ To achieve a more intense effect, repeat the layers until you reach the desired finish
♥ Ready, rock your powerful look!