Meidu Hair Dye Shampoo 3 in 1 ( 4.0 Coffee Brown ) - 500ml

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بائع: Meidu
رمز التخزين التعريفي: 6938270105894
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Meidu Hair Dye Shampoo 3 in 1 ( 3.0 Dark Brown ) - 500ml

1.Home use hair color shampoo.
2.No ammonia,good smell,no damage.
3.Easy to operate and perserve.
4.Non-stick scalp,non-stick towel.
5.Capacity: 500ml

How To Use :

1. Pump shampoo from the bottle the quantity depends on person use with dry hair
2. Mix the shampoo on hand till get a bit foam
3. Gently massage the hair from roots to tip, until lather is formed massage and keep it on hair 5- 10 minutes wear glove every time
4. Time up rinse off your hair with clean water or can use with other shampoo and conditioner
5. Want to have the perfect hair suggests use every 10-15 days
6. Cover the gray hair, please stay over 20 minutes.