Precious Skin Snail Body Whitening Cream - 200g

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بائع: Precious Skin
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Precious Skin Snail Body Whitening Cream - 200g

Precious Skin Thailand Snail Body White 200g, 

concentrated body cream. Not sticky. Enriched with snail mucus extract. Helps soothe the skin all over the body. Restores damaged skin cells. Dryness from exposure to sunlight and pollution reveals skin that looks white, radiant, smooth, soft and pleasant to the touch.

• Rich creamy texture. Not sticky.

• Rich in snail mucus extract.

• Restore dry and damaged skin to be smooth and soft.

• Protect the skin from dryness.

• Reveals radiant, bright skin.

Apply Precious Skin Thailand Snail Body White all over the body regularly in the morning and evening.