U&I Natural Alum Crystal Deodorant - 80g

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بائع: U&I
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U&I Natural Alum Crystal Deodorant - 80g

U&I Sick Body Deodorant

Long lasting effective natural mineral deodorant that prevents the odor-causing bacteria. It contains no alcohol and preservatives (no parabens) leaving less chemical residues on underarm, promoting naturally white underarms. It doesn’t clog skin pores and leave no stains on clothes. It is comfortably dry after application. Contains no harmful chemicals.

Alum benefits

  1. Prevent odor-causing bacteria
  2. Long lasting effectiveness
  3. Preservatives Free (Parabens free)
  4. No Alcohol
  5. Reduce chemical residues on skin
  6. Prevent dark underarms
  7. Does not clog skin pores
  8. Not sticky and comfortably dry
  9. Does not leave stains on clothes


 Natural (White)
Fragrance Free.