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Majdi Bay Leaves / Laurel - 30g - Pinoyhyper

Majdi Bay Leaves / Laurel - 30g

0.550 KD
Majdi Bay Leaves / Laurel - 30g  
Majdi Black Pepper Powder - 80g - Pinoyhyper

Majdi Black Pepper Powder - 80g

0.790 KD
Majdi Red Chilli Crushed - 60g It is a great addition to soups It is also used in many home remedies
Majdi Channa Dal - 450g - Pinoyhyper

Majdi Channa Dal - 450g

0.490 KD
Majdi Channa Dal - 450g Organically sourced premium quality channa dal Ideal addition to your vegan or vegetarian diet Halal certified and suitable for vegetarians No additives to ensure healthy...
Majdi Chick Peas - 800g

Majdi Chick Peas - 800g

1.050 KD
Majdi Chick Peas - 800g Enjoy premium quality Chickpeas that gives you a perfect buttery taste Excellent source of zinc, calcium, proteins, and is low in fat Used in a...
Majdi Cinnamon Sticks - 40g - Pinoyhyper

Majdi Cinnamon Sticks - 40g

0.310 KD
Majdi Cinnamon Sticks - 40g  
Majdi Cloves Whole - 70g - Pinoyhyper

Majdi Cloves Whole - 70g

0.750 KD
Majdi Cloves Whole - 70g This spice has been used in preparation of many regular dishes. This is being used in marinating chicken, fish, and meat
Majdi Coriander Seeds - 60g - Pinoyhyper

Majdi Coriander Seeds - 60g

0.190 KD
Majdi Coriander Seeds - 60g  
Majdi Cumin Seeds - 70g

Majdi Cumin Seeds - 70g

0.990 KD0.720 KD
Majdi Cumin Seeds - 70g A warm spice that can be added to grain and pulse dishes, meats, fish, poultry, and vegetables Rich source of antioxidants for good health Perfect...
Majdi Dried Rosemary  - 50g

Majdi Dried Rosemary - 50g

0.750 KD0.540 KD
Majdi Dried Rosemary - 50g They have a bitter, astringent taste It is highly aromatic High quality of rosemary leaves are used
Majdi Dry Lemon Powder - 100g - Pinoyhyper

Majdi Dry Lemon Powder - 100g

0.290 KD
Majdi Dry Lemon Powder - 100g Use these spices to create delicious recipes.
Majdi Fenugreek Seeds - 140g - Pinoyhyper

Majdi Fenugreek Seeds - 140g

0.210 KD
Majdi Fenugreek Seeds - 140g Fenugreek seeds are rich source of minerals, vitamins, and phytonutrients The seeds are a very good source of soluble dietary fiber Dry fry under light...
Majdi Garlic Powder - 80g - Pinoyhyper

Majdi Garlic Powder - 80g

0.350 KD
Majdi Garlic Powder - 80g Garlic powder may be applied to breads Garlic is great for the heart and circulatory system Good quality for superior flavour