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Alattar Raw Afghani Cannabis Serum - 100 ml

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Alattar Raw Afghani Cannabis Serum - 100 ml

Made in Afghanistan

The original Afghan cannabis oil, is the best, fastest, and strongest ever to treat all hair problems and strength(real) hair results and its benefits are among the best benefits that are not like any other oil It is the favorite of hair experts in all Asian countries like (Afghanistan)  , Pakistan, India )
Original Afghan cannabis oil is used for all types of normal, oily, dry hair.
1 - works on thickening and lengthening hair
2 - It softens rough hair and keeps it long.
3 - Anti-scenching and scalp inflammation.
4 - Activates the scalp and strengthens the pores.
5- A real treatment for genetic baldness in a period of 2-3 months
6 - Effective treatment for all types of fox and peeling and gives brightness during the first week of use
**Note: After stop using it, there are no side effects