Care Line Tea Tree Shampoo Natural Anti-Lice - 100ml

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Care Line Tea Tree Shampoo Natural Anti-Lice - 100ml

Care Line Natural Tea Tree Shampoo Against Lice Tea tree oil contains many bactericidal compounds that can effectively kill different types of bacteria, fungi, and viruses. These compounds also work against the head lice parasite, which works to kill adult lice and the eggs that engulf the hair.

Benefits and features:

  • It contains 100% natural materials to eliminate lice and their eggs.
  • Special formula to get rid of lice effectively.
  • It is based on the natural benefits of tea tree in combating lice.
  • Helps keep the scalp clean and healthy.
  • Easily used in your daily shower routine.
  • It can be used safely for individuals of all ages.
  • Does not leave an unpleasant odor after use.

How to use :
Apply enough amount to dry hair so that hair is completely soaked.
Wait for 10 minutes.
Wash the hair and rinse it well.
Comb the hair from roots to ends.