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Ufc Pancit Canton Noodles - 454g(Big)

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Ufc  Pancit Canton Noodles - 454g

Satisfy your hunger with the savory and delicious UFC Pancit Canton Noodles. These popular noodles are easy to make and packed with rich flavor.

Savor these delicious UFC Chinese Pancit Canton Noodles as a snack or a meal. They are made using premium-quality ingredients such as natural carotene, salt, egg powder, coconut oil, wheat flour, and water, giving a delicious taste. In addition, this pack of egg noodles is an ideal meal to satisfy your hunger pangs. These noodles are easy to make, and can be paired with anything to create a flavorsome dish.

Ufc products are known for their quality. Canton noodles are popular throughout asia, especially in the philippines. Ufc canton noodles are made with flavorful ingredients mixed together. This product is the perfect product to make your favorite noodles in no time.